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Fitness Tracking

We believe that it's important to measure success by tracking  your results. We do this in two specific ways, using technology to both track both your workouts and results. These are the systems we use to do this:

Myzone Monitoring System: Our Myzone bands track your workouts so you can see how many calories burned, the rate you worked at and your heart rate percentage (colour zones). This allows you to work towards monthly goals, stay in specific heart rate zone for specific goals while connecting with friends and other My Way Personal Training members.

Evolt360 Body Composition Scan: Getting on the scales in one thing but what does that weight consist of? Our Evolt360 body scan uses no radiation measuring your lean muscle mass, body fat, water weight and more! We use these scan to set goals against and reassess every 6 weeks. This is a great way of seeing real results!