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Personal Training

Personal Training is our main focus as we strive to keep our clients motivated in a variety of ways. It's important to have accountability in exercise and we know that personal training is one of the best ways to keep on track in an exercise routine. Our trainers walk the fitness journey with our clients providing encouragement, motivation and nutrition tips while delivering effective workouts specific to the goals desired.

Here are some way we can help you keep motivated in a consistent exercise routine:

Goal Setting and accountability - Set your goals with your trainer! Every 6 weeks goals are assessed and new goals are set. 
Personalised programs - Get your own personalised program to do in your own time. We also implement workouts specific to your goals to maximise your results!
Fitness Tracking - We use two tools to track your fitness results. The first is Evolt360 body composition scan which breaks down your body weight to show where you are holding the weight. Water retention, muscle mass and body fat are some of the areas that are tracked, plus more! The second tracking tool we use is the Myzone monitoring band. Track your workouts, set challenges and connect with friends. Myzone measures your calories burned, monitors your heart rate and let's you see how hard you worked during workouts.
Nutrition guidance - We provide nutrition guidance to keep you on track with the food you eat. It's important to eat the right foods with the correct balance of protein, carbs and fats to lose weight, build muscle and get the results you want!

Contact us to discuss your personal training options.